Деньги против слова, Вова !

Компания Onflot Group, в содружестве с «Гослото» упрочняют статус Мессенджера Telegram, предлагая на его платформе океанский бот «Лотограм», несущий на своем борту огромный лотерейный магазин и беттинговый клуб.

Спуск на воду чат бота на базе ДоЛОТО:   2019 — 2020 г.

Ставка тверже, чем жесть !

The Lotogram   —  online lottery complete solution

Whom it may concern,

Lotogram – unique lottery operating system.

Allows multiple users from all over the world join and play lottery network with 12+ unique lottery products including classic bingo games, probability lotteries, instant lotteries and much more.

Lottery engine design allows simple and rapid launch of a new thematic games (ex. World FIFA events, OLYMPICS, huge world tech achievements like SPACEX launches and much more).

Moreover, lottery engine is friendly for personal custom lottery game creation based on free and clear rules.

The Lotogram lottery processing software is currently deep at beta staging development mode. The main source repository is based on time proven technologies and specs. Our specialist are getting inspired of the following technology stack.

Modern and stable programming languages. C#, C/C++, JavaScript(ECMA)
Runtime OSes and frameworks. Linux, Windows, dotnetcore, Docker.
Our application layers are performed by innovative microservice architecture which allows us infinitely build up new modules and sub-systems without taking care too much about performance. Meanwhile currently we handle 10’000 business transactions per second.

Our experience at lottery business handling allows us to take care of independent financial, private info and security modules that can be hosted worldwide due to any kind of government regulation rules. System is built upon distributed, document-oriented clusters that can handle any business activity irrespective to hosting data-centers all over the world.

Within any kind of possible cooperation tech support, software patches are implementing in a fast and robust manner, so you have no missing lags for business transactions. Stable releases won’t need any negotiated business stops and guarantees 99.99% uptime.

The basic primitive Dice Lottery Processing System can be found at the next diagram.

The main goal is to build up a business/social like network system that allows agents and customers to become lottery participants and to interact with lottery system through three communication gates,
using mobile clients such as: Mobile applications/SMS agent, WAP client, Telegram™ Bot, Skype™ bot

Using www web site and nested promo pages all over the possible marketing needs places, such as Facebook™, Instagram™ and self-hosted banners and landing pages.

Offline access to terminals, offices and other host spots (including MALLs, Markets, Gas stations, POST and much more).

All request and business intentions are treated by single stable and very fast and robust.


Customer or agent can be sure that any lottery activity could be easily handled by any gate at any time. For example: Customer came to shopping center and realized that want to play highly perspective, huge jackpot awarded lottery game. He buys lottery ticket at ticket office just using his mobile phone number.

After draw happened client is free to check his ticket at the site, mobile app, telegram bot or other just using his same phone number.

Customer is free to monitor its own balance of real and virtual money according to government regulation that allows him to play different kind of games. Is free to checkout winning money to any sort of electronic money-systems, or even get cash at the nearest office.

The diagram also contains the main ruler LAYERS, that are mentioned as number 1 and number 2. Layers are perspective of technical cooperation. As mentioned above system can be hosted with any number of interfering modules in any place all over the world. The only condition mostly unlimited internet access.

So above there are two main lines for further business cooperation.

Dice lottery standalone solution
Cloud based SaaS dice lottery solution


Standalone solution comes as a full software package which is integrated into existing accounting local system. Consumer is fully eligible for software and hardware maintenance. All business transaction are kept and encapsulated within standalone system. Our team is partly involved in software support on demand by separate contracts. This support covers only several business units like:

Adding/Configuring new games;
Connecting and applying new pay systems;
Recovering from technical issues and incidents.
The initial integration is debatable. But for sure at least five stages are mandatory.
Business opportunity agreement;
Preparing especial integration manual documentation repository;
Hardware acquisition and data-service rental process;
Data transfer process;
Deployment and test-run.

All of this stages need to be partly involved different specialist of our team with long enough business trips to locals. Approximate estimation of standalone solution is ~420 000$ USD.


Software as a service solution is strictly recommended as much more preferable one. The basic idea of SaaS is keeping all services on team Dice side, including software and transport infrastructure handling. Renting data-center services keeping acceptable response time (ping ⩽ 200ms) for all customers. Handling conduction for draw-style games. Generating instant tickets pool, etc.

This format requires minimum integration with existing or new one customer/agent accounting system.

Our services provide full package of automated workplaces with nice and responsive interfaces.

That allow to monitor financial flows, lottery draw states, ticket pool availability. The pay system integration is made fully on our side and applying new ones is made alongside the main contract.

Private consumer sensitive information may be kept both on our side and customer ones.

SaaS integration disclaimer is denial of any kind financial interaction between consumer and lottery participant and brings only pure numbers that bring only advisory nature.

For example – SaaS Dice lottery system operates only conventional unit and no currencies at all.

This sort of integration can be maintained in contract just for reasonable per business transaction fee.

Our price is the most valuable at the world’s lottery market and amounts 3,5 — 13,5% (0,035 -0,135IR PBT FEE) meaning corporate, charity and fundraising lottery options as well.

See outstanding  Demo version !

For more details and possible co-operation, please kindly proceed to Infotekst Co.

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