Текст публичного выступления предпринимателя в Аргентине

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am greatly honored with this precision meeting participation. Frankly to say I was truly impressed by the Rosario city cultural and urban lights. Actually I was really astonished due to view yours great embankment with a huge passing by ocean vessels.

Moreover, I have a think to stay here in Argentine as long as available instead to be back to frosty Moscow. Especially for the seasons reason: here you are close to summer days beginning, in Russia the mother nature goes a full ahead to cruel winter.
As for me I prefer a warm of spring like the Argentinian crafts are a synonym of warmth and good taste.

During our two week business trip we have  had selected a special Argentinian crafts which highlight places at home with noble materials, echoing your native culture with distinction and style.

We have checked a wide variety of Argentinian crafts designed in leather, wood, glass, gold, silver and stone.
Also we have selected for our collection (further to be purchased from Argentine to Russia)  outstanding weavings made of llama and lamb wool, creative carved wood pieces, ceramic pots of varied pottery colors and fused glass objects of colorful combinations.
The batik pictures, tapestries and antique blankets evoke customs and myths of North-Argentinean people were also greatly appreciated  by our  experts.

Among the textile crafts, we have seen, Argentinian crafts made in looms were represented in beautiful puyos- which are short, typical ponchos-, or warm, colorfully woven blankets of llama hair and lamb wool.

We also found exclusive pieces of clothing woven in looms in La Plata Art Centre as a  leather craft pieces done accurately and with much singularity; each leather craft was unique. This noble material had a beautiful texture of its own, and shown in every detail made by the hand of the artisans.
The Argentinian crafts made in gold and stones like rodocrosite are valuable artisan works indeed and they constitute a perfect option for enterprise gifts in Russian market.

With a great attention we have checked outstanding value of Rodocrosite stone or Inca’s Rose.
Stone crafts made with this stone are a distinctive seal of the province of Catamarca and as we understood in a town called Mina Capillitas, department of Andalgal; lies the only mine in the world from which its extraction is possible.
This beautiful stone is considered an Argentinean semi-precious national stone with fine color varies in the scales of pink and purples with grayish lines in between will have big prospect for Russian craftsmen.

We will be happy to purchase the stylish Argentine crafts in amount of thousand hundred dollars because of outstanding precursors to pre-Columbian art and  intend to be a show window to different artisans and indigenous communities and their manual works between Argentine and Russia.


Thank you!


Бизнес спичрайтинг — концепт.


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